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“The thing that is really hard and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to work on becoming yourself.” 

Annie Quindlen

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A Message From Our Founder

“We all get stuck sometimes, and we need help to get through the different journeys we walk. It has been proven helpful to process our problems through a safe and neutral party. As a wife for more than 33 years, a mother for more than 26 years, and a Christian mentor to women and teens, my walk is unique to me.

My experience in life has allowed me to navigate the mental health world, together with my own family and friends. This has helped me to become a better counselor. My goal is to provide that space for you in an office where there is an atmosphere of warmth, openness, comfort, and most importantly, acceptance. I focus on helping people identify the changes they want to make and support them in all stages of the process.

I believe in compassionate and person-centered treatment with an eclectic mix of holistic approaches that are tailored to fit each person’s challenges. I have extensive experience in treating many kinds of addiction and mental health issues including trauma. I have also helped countless people who are searching for general wellness.

Through a direct yet supportive approach, I will help you identify and engage in goals that will improve the quality of your daily life. I have a master's degree in counseling, and I have worked with a broad range of clients, presenting with multifaceted and often complex problems.

At Mental Wellness 360 in West Linn, Oregon, I have different approaches toward therapy, utilizing integrative therapeutic interventions that are most appropriate for your needs. The process is collaborative in nature. With my years of experience in dealing with mental health conditions, I believe that I have found my stride. I want to help you find yours as well.”

- Suzy Anderson, Mental Health Therapist, and Certified Life Coach

Experience and Responsive

 I am skilled in helping with a wide range of life challenges and needs. These include the following:

Latest News

 • Abuse
 • Addiction and Recovery
 • Anger
 • Anxiety
 • Bereavement and Loss
 • Body Image or Distortion
 • Career Confusion or Change
 • Caregiving


 • Chronic or Life-Threatening Illness
 • Chronic Stress
 • Co-Dependency
 • Conflicts With:
○  Spouses
○  Partners
○  Family Members
○  Co-Workers
○  Others


•  Creative Blocks

•  Depression

•  Disability

•  Divorce

•  Domestic Violence

•  Eating Disorders

•  Emotional Dysregulation

•  Eye Movement Integration


•  Financial Stress and Mismanagement
•  Grief
•  Guilt
•  Infertility
•  Infidelity
•  Interpersonal Conflicts
•  Neglect


• Parenting
• Self-Esteem
• Self-Expression
• Separation
• Sexuality
• Spiritual Identity and Practice
• Trauma

Experience and Responsive

As a registered intern, I am under the supervision of Dr. Nicole La Verne PsyD, LPC, MAC, CADC III, CCHt, ACS; License #C1853

Fee for Services

Individual: $85.00 per 50 Minute Session

Couple: $95.00 per 50 Minute Session 

*Cash, Check or Charge  

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